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Paper of the Month February 2015

Tapping the Potential of DNA Delivery with Electroporation for Cancer Immunotherapy.


Kimberly A. Kraynyak, Angela Bodles-Brakhop and Mark Bagarazzi


Cancer is a worldwide leading cause of death, and current conventional therapies are limited. The search for alternative preventive or therapeutic solutions is critical if we are going to improve outcomes for patients. The potential for DNA vaccines in the treatment and prevention of cancer has gained great momentum since initial findings almost 2 decades ago that revealed that genetically engineered DNA can elicit an immune response. The combination of adjuvants and an effective delivery method such as electroporation is overcoming past setbacks for naked plasmid DNA (pDNA) as a potential preventive or therapeutic approach to cancer in large animals and humans. In this chapter, we aim to focus on the novel advances in recent years for DNA cancer vaccines, current preclinical data, and the impor- tance of adjuvants and electroporation with emphasis on prostate, melanoma, and cervical cancer.