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The International Society for Vaccines is an organization that engages, supports, and sustains the professional goals of a diverse membership in all areas relevant to vaccines - 2019 ISV Annual Congress

The International Society for Vaccines Partnership Policy

To establish a partnership with the International Society for Vaccines (ISV), an organization must have done the following:

  1. Contact the head of the Website and Marketing Subcommittee of ISV.
  2. Agree on the terms of the Partnership.
  3. Receive approval from the ISV Executive Board.
  4. Sign and fully execute an agreement stating the terms of the partnership.

The following statement will be included in any Partnership Agreement.

All ISV partners must be able to agree and adhere to the following statement:

Our organization fully discloses which Presenters at our conferences are paid an honorarium or reimbursed to speak at our conferences or other speaking venues.

Invited speakers that are compensated for registration or travel to the conference event are not considered in violation of this policy.

ISV may ask for documentation for adherence to this policy before fully executing any partnership agreement.

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